All of our current projects reside within the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario, Canada's economic engine. Our objective is to strategically invest in strong locations with very high growth potential, while unlocking additional land development opportunities.

We focus on projects that are existing income generating assets, while obtaining approvals from the municipality for further development.

Projects In Progress


St.Catharines Land Severance and Semi-Detached Homes (3 units to 8 units)

Existing: 2 existing homes (1 single family & 1 duplex) on adjacent lots located on the corner of a large road and smaller residential road. Both existing homes are facing the larger street.

Proposed: Severance of the rear yards of the existing lots, and building a pair of semi-detached homes, each with it’s own basement second suite (4 units in total. New homes to be facing smaller residential road.


Hamilton Semi-Detached Homes

Existing: Wide driveway and detached garage from existing property facing a large street.

Proposed: Severance of lot, removal of detached garage and construction of Semi-detached single family homes.

2 WESTON.png

St.Catharines Single Lot Severance and Semi-Detached Homes (1 unit to 6 units)

Existing: Single existing home on a large 105 ft x 70 ft corner lot with existing minimal setback.

Proposed: Increase the value of existing home with major renovation and/or addition of second suite. Severance of rear yard with construction of new semi-detached homes with legal second suites (4 units total).

Massing 2.jpg

Hamilton 30 Unit Mixed-use Residential & Commercial

Existing: Single lot with 2 small commercial buildings and parking lot.

Proposed: 30 unit building for student and/or affordable residential units, with commercial and retail units on the main floor.

Currently undergoing approvals from the City of Hamilton. This is a very unique project with a change of use from commercial zoning to mixed-use zoning. This will be located near the new Hamilton LRT with access to a variety of exceptional amenities nearby.

Project info can be found at: