More than just home building

Be part of building real communities, creating long-term wealth, and making a lasting impact in real estate.

We believe in developing small to medium-scale infill housing that are in line with trends toward urban intensification.

Whether you are new to development or a seasoned real estate investor, we can help. Below are several ways that you can get involved and be part of the movement.



Land Development

We specialize in utilizing existing income-producing properties and building additional homes through severances or other creative strategies. Whether you have property or looking to acquire, we can work with you to potentially unlock hundreds of thousands of dollars in land value.


Home Building

Our team has been involved with over 1000 home builds, which gives us the unique skill sets and experience to build homes from the ground up in a cost effective and timely manner. Leverage our experience, contractor relationships and knowledge to ensure that your build is profitable.


Purpose-Built Second Suites

Second suites have been an excellent source of income for investors and a viable affordable housing option. When utilized in a newly-built home, they are even more valuable. Let us help you navigate the unique by-laws and building codes for purpose-built second suites in a new home.



Enroll in our comprehensive training to learn the land development process for small infill projects, home building and purpose-built second suites. Be part of a network of other developers as part of your journey. More information on Education and Mentorship coming soon.